Welcome Office CEITEC MU

The mission of the Welcome Office CEITEC MU is to support current and future foreign employees/students of CEITEC MU. We are one of the first points of contact for future CEITEC MU foreign employees/students, providing them with information about the employment and all that must be done before and after their arrival. We also assist their families throughout their stay in the Czech Republic.

We can assist you with the following issues:

Formalities before arrival (visa, health insurance, accommodation, travelling to  the Czech Republic and Brno ...)

Information after arrival (visit the Ministry of the Interior „OAMP,“ entrance medical check-up at the CEITEC, medical facilities, language courses, driving license, other authorities: Labor Office, Tax Office ...)

Obligations during your stay (waste collection fee, lost or theft of documents ...)

All other situations when you need help.

The service is provided at CEITEC Masaryk University, with high quality and enthusiasm by Zdenka Bártová, who is a member of the HR department.

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