Kateřina Ornerová, Ph.D. Kateřina Ornerová, Ph.D. Head of Strategy and Science Department
Phone: +420 54949 6056
Mobile: +420 603 144 389

Olga Křížová Olga Křížová Deputy Head of Strategy and Science Department, PhD Studies Manager
Phone: +420 54949 5252

Ester Jarour Ester Jarour Research and Development Manager
Phone: +420 54949 6271

Daniela Tršová, Ph.D. Daniela Tršová, Ph.D. Business Development Manager
Phone: +420 54949 7695
Mobile: +420 777 472 878

Pavla Foltynová, Ph.D. Pavla Foltynová, Ph.D. Research and Development Manager
Phone: +420 54949 3798
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The Strategy and Science Department provides support and service to the Institute for Science, Research, Studies and Innovation.

The activities of the Department include the following areas:

  • science evaluation (preparation of documents for internal and external evaluation, data processing for national evaluation, communication with the RMU and other evaluators, scientometric analyzes and benchmarking analysis at different levels)
  • scientific awards (information and consultation services for CEITEC MU employees and students, nomination assistance, internal collection, statistics)
  • scientific outputs and RIV (preparation of documents for RIV assessment in individual evaluation pillars, data analysis, assistance in reporting results and administration of results database within IS MU, information service)
  • coordination and methodological support for the administration, use and development of the research infrastructure at the Institute, in cooperation with the management representative for the research infrastructure
  • study agenda (introduction of newly accredited programs in teaching, admission procedure, promotion and preparation of promotional materials, prioritization of the previous education, assistance to foreign students, creation of timetables, communication with teachers, consulting services for students, formation of study concept, coordination of joint activities CEITEC PhD School - PhD day, joint seminars, etc.)
  • postdoctoral program including preparation of a series of training
  • internships (cooperation with MU International Cooperation Center)
  • scouting of scientific results suitable for the technological transfer and commercialization of intellectual property, interconnection of the identified offer of emerging scientific results and technologies with information on technological trends and market needs in order to evaluate the commercial potential, identification of suitable firms and other partners from the application sphere in order to increase the level of technological readiness scientific results, cooperation with the MU Technology Transfer Center